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Add and rearrange content on your homepage

Last Updated: May 30, 2024, as of MereChurch 1.5.

Adding and managing the content on your MereChurch homepage is easy! The homepage is a special page on your MereChurch that is edited in a different place than your other pages. To edit it, just look for the 'Homepage' menu item on your Content menu:

The Content Menu

Once there, you will see 'Hero' settings, and scrolling down, you'll see a 'Content' section that defines the homepage content appearing below the Hero block. Also, since 'Homepage' is a page, you will see a 'Preview' button to let you view your changes before publishing them. 

Editing the Hero Section

The Hero options map to the various components of the Hero block: here is an example of the Olivet theme's Hero:

Leaving a field blank will lead to that element being hidden on the front end of the site. 

You will also have the option to set the background for your Hero. MereChurch supports three background options: a single photo (pictured above), a slideshow of photos, or a video background. 

Editing Content Blocks

The Content section is where you will add and configure the various blocks on your homepage. Each block can be dragged around with the ⋮⋮ bar on the left, and edited with the '…' menu button on the right. The following blocks are available on your homepage:

An example of the Featured Resources block on the Olivet theme.

Featured Resources

Handpick resources of your choice to show up on the homepage

  • Title (text)
  • Featured Resources (lookup and select individual resources)
An example of the Highlight Blocks on the Acacia theme.

Highlight Blocks

A nicely-designed list of links to other pages on your site.

  • Title
  • Style ("big cards" or "fancy links")
  • Accent Color (choice of primary, secondary, tertiary, white or black)
  • Blocks:
    • Title (text)
    • Subtitle (text, optional)
    • Background Image (image)
    • Link + Link Label
An example of the Image Gallery block on the Olivet theme.

Image Gallery

Add individual image blocks to a gallery which will be styled by the theme (min 3 images, max 5 images) 

  • Images (lookup, upload, and select individual images)
An example Image with Content block on the Anavim theme.

Image with Content

Easily display your image with some content on the right or left-hand side. Add buttons to link visitors to other pages.

  • Image File (lookup, upload, and select an image).
  • Image Alignment (left or right)
  • Content Title (optional)
  • Content (if image right alignment is selected, content will align right as in the example above).
An example Index Nav block on the Olivet theme.

Index Nav

The index nav points out all the different types of resources your church publishes, in addition to ways to easily filter the library by author, topic, series, scripture reference, and date.

  • Title (fallback value can be set in Settings > Resource which will also apply to the built-in Index Navs on the resource pages).
An example of the Latest Sermon block on the Anavim theme.

Latest Sermon (single)

The latest sermon block shows the most recent Sermon from your resource library. 

  • Title
An example of the Latest Sermons block on the Acacia theme.

Latest Sermons

The latest sermons block shows the most recent 3 or 4 Sermons from your resource library. 

  • Title
Screenshot coming soon

Latest of Type

This block shows the most recent 2 or 3 resources from a resource type of your choosing. Great for surfacing announcements or a pastor's blog on your homepage! 

  • Title
  • Resource Type (dropdown)
  • Style (Text or Cards)
An example of the Location and Worship Times Block on the Anavim theme.

Location & Worship Times

A block for showing when and where your church meets. Your location/address, map link, and map coordinates are all configured in site settings

  • Title (text)
  • Service Times (text)
  • Link to ‘Location Settings’


An example of the Text with CTA block on the Anavim theme (with no call to action)

Text with Call to Action

A versatile block to add text and, optionally, buttons to your homepage. Used without a call to action, can also be used to introduce a video embed as the Anavim theme demo does.

  • Title (text)
  • Subtitle (text)
  • Buttons (button group)

Upcoming Events

Show the next few events automatically, or hand-pick a couple of events to feature. Optionally, filter your upcoming events by an event category (a similar block, Upcoming Events (PCO), also exists as part of our ChMS integration)

  • Title (text)
  • Use Upcoming Events (toggle)
  • If false: an 'Upcoming Events' field to select individual events. 
  • If true: a 'Category' field to optionally filter individual events
  • (PCO uses a very similar 'Tag' field to change your PCO query)


Add a YouTube or Vimeo video embed to your homepage! 

  • Video Link

If you still have questions, please feel free to get in touch! We're here to help you with your MereChurch.